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Meet Tommy



Age: 5

Birthday: March 4

Favorite Food: Anything sweet

Favorite Activities:

Playing on the computer and playing with his very own Ipod Touch 

Favorite Song: “Gingerbread Man” and "The Boa Constrictor"

#1 Book at School:
"Wheels on the Bus" is a well loved book!

Accomplishments since arriving at Mary Cariola:
Tommy has learned to sign and link words together into sentences. He is more independent and drinks with a straw. His attention span is longer and he engages more in activities. Staff member Taylor Smith has worked with Tomy longer than anyone and he is Tommy's favorite!

What his parents say about Mary Cariola:
“We picked the right place. Tommy loves it there. We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful school for our son to attend. The minute he walks through the door at school, he has a smile from ear to ear.”

Recent Developments:
He loves the playground and has been interacting more with peers and classmates.

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What MCCC Parents Are Saying

“I thank God for the staff at Mary Cariola each and every day. I love Mary Cariola and all that it stands for. What goes on behind those walls cannot be explained but must be felt. Because of all of you, my life is easier.”
Donna Drew