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Meet Johanna




Age: 3 1/2

Birthday: January 6

Favorite Food: Cookies, crackers and anything crunchy

Favorite Activities: Music and looking at picture books

Favorite Song: She signs the spider song along with staff

#1 Book at School: Goes for Clifford books every time

Accomplishments since arriving at Mary Cariola:  Johanna has learned many new sign language signs and is beginning to string signs together and also user her voice.  She loves everyone, is very social and quickly goes to the door to welcome visitors to the classroom.  She is always first to raise her hand for a turn.

What her mother says about Mary Cariola: I see that she has learned so much!  I like the attitudte of the staff.  Everyone is very happy and that's important when working with children.  School has helped Johanna a lot with social skills.  Everyone has noticed her progress despite the physical setbacks.  (Johanna was treated for leukemia at 10 months and again at age 2 and is now in remission.)

Recent developments:  Her mom, Lesa, recently took sign language classes at Mary Cariola to catch up with Johanna.  Now they both know more signs and are having fun communicating at home.

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