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Meet Our Employees

Kate Herman

Senior Manager - East River Road Residence

“This job is really rewarding and it is a really good job,” says Kate Herman, Senior Manager at the East River Road  Residence.  “I am where I am supposed to be – dealing with kids, working with families and maintaining a professional attitude.”

 Kate worked at the English Road Residence part-time while studying for a social work degree at Roberts Wesleyan College.  After graduation she took a job out of state.  When Senior Manager Tim Welch heard she returned to Rochester, he quickly asked Kate to come back to English Road.  That was five years ago.  She loved the job and became attached to her English Road Family. “It didn’t feel like work when I was there,” she said.   Kate  was promoted  to the Browncroft Residence Senior Manager and in October became the Senior Manager of the East River Road residence.


Kate is always looking for things the kids will enjoy.  “To work here is to really know these kids.  We know what they eat, their favorite movies and music, and what challenges them.  I enjoy being on such a personal level with each child and I also enjoy the responsibility of advocating for them and their families.. To be able to work in a relaxed setting with eight amazing children is certainly an experience not be taken for granted.”


“To see these kids happy and enjoying themselves and to know you had a part in that is something that reaches deeper than a job contract or requirement.” 


Become a part of the dedicated, innovative team at Mary Cariola Children’s Center, which is recognized statewide for excellent collaborative and innovative programs designed to expand the learning opportunities and enrich the lives of children with developmental delays. Working at Mary Cariola

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Mary Cariola Children’s Center is a special place in Rochester, NY, that serves children and youth with multiple, complex disabilities; public and private schools aren’t able to accommodate these children. Here are some facts at a glance.