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About Us

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Mary Cariola Children’s Center is a special place in Rochester, NY, that serves children with multiple, complex disabilities; public and private schools aren’t able to accommodate these children. It was founded in 1949 by Mrs. Mary A. Cariola, along with parents and friends of children with significant disabilities.

Over the years, the Center has evolved from a day care to a nationally renowned agency that strategically maps out a customized plan—clinically and educationally—for every child who walks through our doors. We offer:
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Children thrive in our positive, upbeat environment. We see the gifts and abilities that each of these children has to share. We make sure everyone is comfortable. We meet challenges head-on. We incessantly uncover new ways in which children learn best. By doing this, we reveal the children’s capabilities. And more often than not, they surprise us and their families with the strides they make:
  • Learning to raise one’s hand in class
  • Making friends
  • Showing compassion for others
  • Helping to prepare a meal
The possibilities are endless with family involvement and dedicated staff.

Our Programs

Teacher and StudentAt Mary Cariola, our Day Program is the largest service we offer. Our staff—teachers, aides and clinicians—support more than 400 children and young adults annually who range in age from three to 21 years old. More about our programs