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How Do I Enroll My Child?

All children who attend Mary Cariola have a developmental delay and may also have other diagnoses, including autism, mental or behavioral disorders, cerebral palsy, or prenatal exposure to drugs. All children enrolled at Mary Cariola must be referred by a third party.
  • Your home school district must place children and young adults from three to 21 years of age
If you have referral questions, call 585-271-0761.
  • Ask for the Preschool Director if you’re calling about children from three to four years old
  • Ask for the supervising social worker if you’re calling about children from
    ages 5–21
Tuition for students is paid either by the county or the school district. We do not accept private pay.

Our Programs

Teacher and StudentAt Mary Cariola, our Day Program is the largest service we offer. Our staff—teachers, aides and clinicians—support more than 400 children and young adults annually who range in age from three to 21 years old. More about our programs

Inside Mary Cariola

Get inspired! Take a look inside our classrooms, hallways and resident homes.  View the photo gallery