Discovering each child's lifelong potential

Community Services 

Residential Program


Mary Cariola operates six group homes across Monroe County that house 44 children and young adults. They receive around-the-clock guidance, clinical and direct care, and support with ongoing opportunities to learn and grow.  A recreational calendar is set up each month by the Activities Coordinator.

Home Sweet Home
Agency homes range in size from six to nine residents and are located in various residential settings. Staff members at each home completed rigorous training in many different areas. Our common goal is to enable the children and young adults to reach their full potential.

Family Matters
Parents and other family members are encouraged to visit often, take their child home for the day or on vacation, participate in the program planning session, and stay informed of the school or day program activities. Family involvement is a key to the continued success of each child’s development.

For more information contact Mary Ellen Bills at or
585-227-3325 or 585-385-1082. 

Enhanced Waiver Services Program


Mary Cariola's newest initiative is our Enhanced Waiver Services Program.  It is the first of its kind in New York State  and  provides families a unique and innovative approach to Behavior Support, Community Habilitation and Therapeutic Respite.

Click HERE for our Enhanced Waiver Services Brochure.