Discovering each child's lifelong potential

Customized Plans

One of the hallmarks of our Agency is a customized plan for each and every child. We tailor the child’s environment and assign staff members to meet his/her individual needs. And we go the extra mile to ensure that every student has every opportunity to learn and grow.

We do this because the children we serve have multiple disabilities, typically intellectual disabilities, autism or other significant behavioral disorders. Some have rare developmental disorders. And many are medically frail.

School districts can’t effectively serve these children, which is why they turn to us. When children are referred to Mary Cariola, we work closely with each district and the family to create a thorough, personalized educational plan for each child. Our skilled and dedicated team of teachers, aides, nurses and clinicians ensures that the plan is followed throughout the year.

Raising a hand in the classroom. Giving a thumbs-up in music therapy. Even a simple smile. These are magical moments for families and staff alike and often the result of weeks or months of personal encouragement and professional expertise.

More than 450 children and young adults attend one of our three educational buildings each day. Because of our personalized assessment plans, we’re able to unlock the magic of how these individuals learn—and they’re able to discover their full potential.

Inside Mary Cariola

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