Discovering each child's lifelong potential

What We Offer

A full day of school. A safe and nurturing environment. Life-changing experiences.

Nathan loves music therapy with April.

Personal Attention

We tailor the child’s environment and staff members to meet his or her individual needs. And we go the extra mile to ensure that he or she has every opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Customized Plans

Educational Programs

Sara Westbrook and AdrianAs the largest program at Mary Cariola, our staff,t eachers, aides and clinicians—support nearly 450 children and young adults annually who range in age 3-21 years old.

Adaptive Equipment Workshop

Adaptive Equipment WorkshopHelping empower children to interact with their environment and become more independent.

Specialized Therapy 

We offer an array of clinical and therapeutic services. Our experienced, innovative team of clinicians  ensures each child receives the highest level of individualized therapy.


What Our Colleagues Are Saying

“In terms of augmentive communication, Mary Cariola is outstanding, very progressive and ahead of the curve. We consider it the best children’s agency providing services in New York State.”
Nancy Millet, Upstate NY Regional Director, DynaVox Mayer-Johnson

What MCCC Parents Are Saying

“You are doing great with my son Zachary. I feel so at ease when my son goes to school. He always looks forward to it and that makes me feel great. You are a blessing in our son’s life and in ours.”
Carie Horner