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What it "Means" to Volunteer

Marilyn MeansChances are, if you’ve attended an Agency event, received a Cariola correspondence or purchased an item at a fund-raiser, Marilyn Means had something to do with it.

Marilyn has been a long-time friend of the Agency and to people with developmental disabilities. She worked for the Al Sigl Center from 1972–2001. In the early years, Marilyn ran their client/staff library where everyone came to watch movies, hear storytellers or simply read a book. Mary Cariola classrooms would use the library and Marilyn welcomed them in with a great story to tell and share.

It didn’t take long for Marilyn to become a volunteer. In tow were her two daughters who learned about interacting with people with disabilities at an early age.

In the following three decades, Marilyn has been a faithful volunteer at the Agency. She has taken on numerous projects, including folding letters and stuffing envelopes, decorating items to sell at fund-raisers, serving on the Golf, Art Auction and other special events committees and as a member of the Board of Directors. She helps raise funds and bring in new friends to the Agency. Her most recent volunteer assignment involves serving on the special planning committee for Mary Cariola’s 60th Anniversary Gala
in 2009.

Marilyn’s fondness for the children served by Mary Cariola has never wavered. She continues to visit the Agency often and is always willing to take on another volunteer assignment.

“Marilyn jumps in to help with long-term projects and last-minute needs. She never says "no" to a project and has donated thousands of hours to benefit Mary Cariola Children’s Center and the children we serve,” explained Mary Cariola President Paul Scott. “We are lucky to have her among our ranks.”

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