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Friends of MCCC

Many people donate their money, time, and resources to our Agency. Read about how people have helped us keep our doors open and change lives.

 We are humbled by the hundreds of friends who donor designated their 2014 United Way Spring Campaign gift to Mary Cariola Children's Center. We thank them HERE.

Jeffrey Renelt and Jonna Martin - Relatives Make Tax-Wise Gift

Henry Martin’s aunt and uncle, Jonna Martin and Jeffrey Renelt, have been so impressed with Mary Cariola that they recently made a gift of stock.



Margaret Thirtle Lives to Give 

At age 94, Margaret Thirtle lives by some simple adages when it comes to giving and volunteering.
“I worry about people who fall between the cracks.”
“Do the best you can each day to help others.”
“I like to feel that it’s something I would do if no one approached me.” 

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